Goddamn, YES!

Goddamn, YES!

It was sooo looong, long way back here! And so hard, I could never imagine. If I only knew how hard it would be to me I’d never dare to jump. But thanks God I didn’t know, so thanks God I did. I did jump and finally I did get back here. Only here I realized how important was this place to me. Yes, I’ve been to some other places in between. And last year, for instance, I visited the best ones in the world I’ve never even dreamed of, and they were just a miracle, and let them happen to me again!.. But here… this place, this hotel, this Water — it’s the last point where I felt stable 8 years ago. Generally in my life, I used to feel stable at that time. And never again after The Jump.

Only now, here during this short vacation I could feel that stability once more. And of course I don’t hope and even don’t want it to last when coming back. That would be naive, and actually no good. It’s just such a kind of place where you can feel safe and stable for a week or two. (Then you have a flight switching all OFF and bringing you back 😅).

I still cannot believe I’ve reached this significant point 🎯 I thought it would never happen. But I did it. Whatever is after.

And yeah, then was The Flight 😅

And let God bless everything I meet after, whatever it is.

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